Kids Birthday Parties

What a fantastic way to celebrate that special day – a fun filled dance party!

For 2 hours Danceland staff will entertain attendees with some fun progressive dancing, party food, lolly-bags and disco music. The best part is parents won’t have to lift a finger, we will organise it all, parents are welcome to stay and watch.

At each party Danceland will provide:

  • Decorated studio with spacious dance floor and disco lighting
  • Music & dance instruction, games etc
  • Party food – pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread, chips, lollies and soft drink
  • Lolly-bags to take home

Toward the beginning the kids will enjoy learning quick and easy dances like the Cha cha, Barn Dance and Gypsy tap followed by the party food. We will then play some popular music for them to dance to while we give out prizes for various games like Limbo and Statues. Up next will be cake and present opening time for the Birthday kid and more music until home time.

The cost for a party is a minimum charge of $220 based on 10 kids or less. It is then a further $12 per child after that.

Danceland is a family friendly place with a wonderful atmosphere that kids will enjoy. We would love to discuss your kids party with you, give us a call.